• Consumers have access to all comparative prices from various suppliers in the market.
  • Consumers can purchase products directly from appropriate vendors.
  • Providing a cost saving solution to consumers through effortlessly comparing prices of certified suppliers and choosing a prices that creates value.
  • Consumers have access to 24/7 guaranteed emergency service.
  • Our platform is an access point for all parties interested in enquiries or transactions on quality petroleum products.
  • We ensure that consumers are not vulnerable as a result of reliance on one supplier but rather a system that contains all suppliers in the market.
  • Our subscribers are able to track and precisely monitor their termly consumption (i.e. Basic, Standard or Max etc).


  • Suppliers are able to reach, connect and sell their products directly to the target market.
  • We provide marketing solution services which improves visibility of listed products and services.
  • Our platform assures suppliers to sell their products securely efficiently and effective to the wider market.


  • We provide a strategic incentive for suppliers to sell their products at competitive rates.
  • Our price and information archives for petroleum products provides a database for determining appropriate pricing polices.
  • We ensure strict adherence of suppliers to our quality and ethical code of conduct.
  • Our services ensure that petroleum products are distributed efficiently. This is achieved based on connecting consumers and suppliers based on price and proximity.
  • Our services curbs harmful trade practices and provides a credible means for both international and domestic participants to patronise the Nigerian vendors.